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About Me

I'm Kim.  

I was raised in southeastern Virginia, moved to North Carolina for college (and stuck around a while), then moved back to southeast Va.  I swore I would never move back to my hometown - and I haven't. ha! (Though, I'm just nextdoor.) 

I've been a church youth group leader, a high school math teacher, a pediatric hospital chaplain, a pastor, and now - a furniture rehabber! (I may have just made up a word.) These jobs may sound very different one from another; however, I see a similarity: transformation.  In some cases, the transformation comes in spirituality, in some cases it is in knowledge, and in other cases it is a literal, physical transformation.  I like to believe that, through exploring all these different careers, I've transformed, too.   

So, now, furniture rehab and home decor. Why do I do it?

First, there's the satisfaction in seeing a piece transform. It is so satisfying to see a piece take on a new personality.

Second, there's the joy in knowing that something which may have been thrown out - thrown away into a dumpster even - has been given new life. We have so much "new" in this world; it is good to save some of the old and simply give it new purpose.  I appreciate creating a quality piece that will hopefully keep another household from buying new - it's recycling what we already have.  My grandmother has always joked that her generation (she was born in 1921) were the original recyclers. They would save and reuse almost anything!

I count myself extremely fortunate to do what I do.  So many of the people I encounter while buying/selling futniture share their stories with me, and that it is a privilege.  It is simply one small way of helping us humans connect!

(Oh, I officiate weddings now, too!  Check me out at

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