Redoing a vintage plant stand? Probably wouldn't have done that if it wasn't for the fact that a customer was looking to revamp her plant corner.  That's the beauty of custom pieces!  Left to my own devices, I will likely stick to dressers, cabinets, desks, dining tables, etc.  

Custom pieces are a way for customers to continue transforming their furniture and living spaces!  Below are estimate prices for pieces.  Final costs depend on the details of the piece.

Common pieces

Large dresser   $80-$120

Small dresser   $50-$75

Side table   $40-$50

Coffee table   $50-$75

Dining table   $75-$90

Chair (per chair)   $25-$35

Buffet    $80-$120

Small cabinet    $50-$75

Desk/table   $75-$90

Desk w/drawers   $75-$100


Sand/stain top   $20

New hardware   *cost specific*

Paint hardware   $3/piece

Drawer liner   $5/drawer