I love a beautiful transformation. From flowers blooming to people evolving to furniture transforming. It is so easy to see a piece of furniture that has been worn down so much it is on the curb or that is clearly dated with its stain and think "eh, next."  Some new stain, fresh paint, new hardware...and pure beauty!  

Hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed bringing them new life!

This dry sink simply needed some fresh paint and removal of worn top. 

I took this opportunity where one drawer pull was missing to replace with modern knobs...and kept those sweet oval pulls for a later project. 

I adore navy blue!

I'm honestly surprised how many of these "cargo" dressers are out there! I've done almost this same transformation a handful of times and they are always so popular.  I'll admit, they are super sturdy and make for great coastal-themed storage. 

Do you see where the oval pulls ended up?


Can you believe what this gorgeous thing used to look like? I saved her anchor drawer pulls, but replaced the sealer (because there was much bleed-through) paint.  

Oh, and there was a surprise behind the top drawer.


From forgotten to wanted! It was gifted to me by a previous customer who was cleaning out her garage.


This desk simply needed some cleaning, sanding & stain (on top), paint (#dixiebellepaint in French Linen), new furniture backing, and a chair to pair...It went to a local teacher setting up a work station for home. 



This was a wall hanging piece that sat in storage for years.  I removed the mirror and two half shelves...inserted a full middle shelf and bottom moulding...then attached little feet to lift it off the floor.  Some timeless blue paint and whitewash glaze...poof! This piece has a new purpose as a bookshelf and was purchased as a Christmas present for a girl's room.