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MEET CLARA. She was the biggest piece I worked on at the time, and I learned so much with her! I learned about when it is too hot for paint and bleed through and using the right brushes for detailing.  So, when it was time to list her for sale, I hoped she would go to a loving home...and she did!

I was delighted when her new owner sent me pictures of Clara settled into her new space!  The owner loved that she was tall enough that she wouldn't become a "catch all" counter space (and that Clara has that secret compartment).  I love how she is decorated and housing all of the owner's beautiful items. 

Enjoy your new home, Clara!


Oh, Roxy. She was originally bought in NC for a young woman in the mid-1900s.  This woman then gifted her to me for a second lease on life. 

I polished up the legs and inside with new stain, painted the body in #dixiebelle French Linen, then topped with a whitewash glaze. 

I love the result!

Roxy went to another young woman who is establishing her first apartment and needed a desk.  She's even thinking of painting other pieces of furniture herself to match Roxy!


Dale.  What a classic treasure.  This piece was made by a man, Dale, who...worked at NASA, lived into his 90s, was dearly loved by his wife, played the violin, and made violins.  He also made this record player cabinet.  It housed his records and record player in his wood shop, so that he could listen while making violins.  *insert all the love*


After sanding the top, restaining, replacing the back board, painting the body in Dixie Belle Stormy Seas, and adding some shelf liner..."Dale" was ready for his new home!  (I kept the original fabric inserts; they were in great shape!) The buying family moved to the area from New York and needed an extra storage cabinet in their sunroom.

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